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Dr. med. B. Küsgen 
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Dr. med. H. Biedermann 
  Chirurg   | Chirotherapie

Dr. med. H.J. Schmitz 
Allgemein- Sport- & Umweltmedizin | Chirotherapie 

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Bitte beachten: Die Parkplätze auf dem Gelände gehören zum Nachbarhaus, nicht zur Praxis - leider. 

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When the Going gets Tough ..

.. the tough get going. Well, in a way this is true here, too. After beeng stopped in the track last year in October I valued even more the trustful co-operation with my friends and colleagues Küsgen & Schmitz who work with me since years in the consultation, alleviating my patient load. From one day to the other they had to take over the entire schedule, and they took over well.

Knowing that those who ask for our help are in excellent hands calms me and allows to concentrate on getting myself ship- shape and ready to roll in summer – I do hope .